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Why WoodieVac?

Adjustable Power Settings

Fine-tune the vacuum pressure to your exact specifications.

Made in the USA

Handcrafted in the USA with the highest quality materials and manufacturing.

Hands-Free Design

Let the pump do the work! Our system requires very little manual effort beyond the initial set up.

Safe and User-Friendly

The device is ready-to-go out the box and includes detailed instructions for use.

Immediate Results

1-3 inch gain on average after one session! Guaranteed results with proper usage.

Lifetime Warranty

Our faith in our product is so strong, we offer free refunds and replacements for life.

"The WoodieVac was created to increase penis size, alleviate the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and improve male sexual performance.

A discreet, quiet, well-designed continuous electric vacuum pump that would stimulate blood flow to the penis without manual effort was the goal of our design team.

No other male enhancement product offers this unique combination of attributes."
Michael Wong
Lead Product Designer

"Greatest pump we've EVER. TESTED."

- Made Man (Esquire Media)


Used for 7 days, as advertised. Gained thickness, it really works. Helped me to have intercourse again, without disappointment.
Oscar H.
Miami, FL
Tried the WoodieVac and it changed my life! Results are instant and really long lasting. My GF loved it more than I did!!
John S.
Detroit, MI
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Satisfied Customers
I tried many electric pumps in the past, but the WoodieVac is the best. Gained over 2 inches first use. I recommend it!
Dave M.
New York City, NY